This week we have been introduced to a taste of winter! There has been some freezing weather, some rain and lots of cloud about. For me this isn’t such a bad thing as lots of cloud usually means pretty afternoon light and sunsets. In this photo I love the pink hues of the clouds and warm colours of the building reflecting the sunset.

I had wanted to photograph this iconic Mudgee building which I’ve always known as “Loneragan’s”. For many of us, we can remember how much it’s changed and transformed over the years. Both of my parents got their first jobs here – Mum in the office and Dad in the garage that was out the back.

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  1. Amber, love your photo of the old “store”.

    I know your Mum Mary and dad Richard very well and have very fond memories of working with both of them. my early days of “learning the business” involved being trained by your mother to do the payroll for the store and garage staff.

    Of course your dad was a very handy welder and was famous for his cattle ramps and many other things he manufactured at loneragan’s service CENTRE before starting his own business.

    i remember your mum bringing you into the office not long after you were born and proudly showing you off to us which included marty robinson, daphne sampson, velma skinner, sylvia lipka, enid sheath, veronica hill, david scrivener, kevin byrnes etc.

    please pass on my best wishes to your mum and dad and congratulations on your beautiful images.

    Comment by Robert loneragan — June 6, 2013 @ 11:12 am

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A photo of the Mudgee Town Centre with St. Marys steeple in the background. Photo by Amber Hooper.